Frequently asked questions

What type of papers do you publish?

DentaleLibrary is aimed to publish all types of scientific audtis, research and assays.

We also publish dissertations for all types of postgraduate students.

Papers should be related to the dental science.

How much does publishing a paper cost?

Please see the below page where tickets with their prices are showen.

How can I become a member?

If you want to become a member, visit our membership page and sign up using your name and email address. Our regular membership option is free.

Membership page:

Is membership free?

Membership (UKDentalCourses) is free for all.

There are also some types of membership that requires monthly fees.

How can I publish my paper?

Visit our submission page and provide the required documents.

Documents should be emailed to and then we will contact you shortly.

Papers can be in different languages, yet the abstract has to be in English.

For any more information please contact

You may find the submission charges on the “UKDC PAYMENTS ARTICLES” page

Submission page:

Where does is based? works globaly and is based in the United Kingdom.

We have got representatives that may help you with your requests.

Please visit our representatives page: